Actu 1 Nana Mouskouri, a 50-years career.
A career spanning 50 years, a long road paved with 300 million records sold, more than 300 Gold and Platinum albums. A life devoted to music spent travelling the world and performing 5,000 concerts, …
... and recording over 2,000 songs in more than 10 different languages. 50 years spent winning the hearts of vast and loyal audiences worldwide. From her native Greece to her adopted countries of France, Germany, Britain and Spain. Nana Mouskouri has formed part of our musical family for so long now that we would be forgiven for thinking we knew all there was to know about her… …and yet, on this, the 50th anniversary of her musical career, fans will have the chance to rediscover some of her gems with the monthly release throughout 2010 of digital themed compilations, starting with the already cult “Nana Jazz”."

Actu 2 Nana Mouskouri, Jazz.
August 1962: Nana flew to New York for the first time. There, she recorded her first English album produced by Quincy Jones, Mercury Records' Artistic Director at the time.
Before setting foot in the studio, Quincy let Nana immerse herself in the city and took her to Harlem each night to listen to the amazing singers whose songs she herself was performing in the jazz clubs: Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Dina Washington, etc. No less than a month after her arrival, Nana finally went to the “A&R” studio on 42nd Street and Broadway. Its owner, Phil Ramone, who would go on to produce Sinatra and Barbra Streisand, was the sound engineer on her jazz album. Released in the United States under the name “The girl from Greece sings” and in Europe as “Nana Mouskouri in New York”, this cult album went on to be re-released in 1999 on a superb CD including three extra songs. The compilation “Nana Jazz” offered four additional and previously unreleased songs from the Quincy Jones sessions. Also including the sessions performed with Philippe Weil in 1963-64, the two studio titles recorded with the Ralph Shmidt Trio who accompanied her on her jazz tour in 2005, and four other pieces with the great Maurice Vander in 2007: “Nana Jazz” is proof - if such proof is really necessary - of Nana Mouskouri's remarkable career as a jazz singer.

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